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Rabbi "Meir Kahane", the notorious former leader of the Israeli radical religious right, is one of the most fascinating and controversial figures in Israel's history.

his extreme ideas and fanatical views finally led to his alleged 1990 assassination in New York, by an Arab gunman later known for his ties to a newly founded organization, Al-Qaeda.


The Play puts us inside a small, dusty, one bedroom apartment in modern day Tel Aviv, in which an old man, who greatly resembles Kahane, is fixing up a Zucchini pie. Could that really be him? 

Kahane is back.  Now he is being asked by his supporters to take leadership and rule the country with great might.
But is the time ripe for his return? 
How will he react to the world as it is today?
Is he even the same Kahane we once knew? 


The play 'Kahane' gives the audience a profound monologue by the racist yet charismatic Rabi, that not only deals with crucial past and present issues, but also projects a fundamental view of Israeli society and the Jewish culture. Nonetheless, the play contains an essence of melodrama, giving a glimpse of Kahane's personal life and inner conflicts, with a slight touch of elegant comedy. As the show moves forward, the audience is being confronted by a flaming individual, and is constantly challenged by him. 


Rabi Meir Kahane's role is being portrayed by Avraham Shalom-Levy, who gives a stunning, mind capturing performance throughout the play.      


We believe that the play should be especially interesting for an international audience. The Israeli-Palestinian topic is as present today in the international community as it ever was. During his political career, Kahane was often compered by his opposes to Hitler, and a debate will surely be derived by watching the play, as extremists right wing groups once again gain momentum across Europe. Though 'Kahane' is performed in Hebrew, it has been well translated to English. subtitles were installed and are projected during the play. An English version of the play is currently being produced.   


The play is housed by the famous "Tzavta" theater in Tel Aviv.  Since 1946 it is one of the greatest establishments for the performing arts in Israel. As well as Tel Aviv, the play tours Israel and had so far showed in other major cities such as Jerusalem, Haifa and Hadera.       

Articles and reviews about 'Kahane' are available on several online magazines. The play's writer and producer, Yoav Itamar, was invited to talk about the play on the culture panel of the national news broadcast.  


'Kahane's makers:    


Actor: Avraham Shalom Levy – a rising talent in Israeli theater and cinema. Graduate of the 'Lee Strasberg Theater and film institute' in New York, a playwright and director. 


Writer and producer: Yoav Itamar – owner of the 'pen pal' writing cooperative, writer, translator and editor. 


Director: Elad Sharabi – graduate of the "Nisan Nativ" institute. Among his last works, the play 'Sheva' won the 'Tzav kriaa' festival and the play 'Reaktzia', the 'Israel festival'. 

Left to right: Yoav Itamar, Avraham Shalom Levy, Elad Sharabi

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